Service & Care

Every boat we build is a labour of love and our pride is reflected in the lengths we go to ensure that they stay in perfect condition. That’s one of many reasons they hold their value so well.


The hull and deck of your yacht come with a two-year warranty and the engines are supplied with extended warranties of five years. Any third-party components are covered by vendor warranties that we have approved.


Grand Banks is a factory direct sales operation and so we avoid dealer-based service which we have found to be inconsistent. Instead, we’ve invested heavily on service centres and a network of trained personnel around the world who can provide you with the personal assistance and experience we feel is consistent with our standards and values.

As so many of the components in a Grand Banks yacht are actually manufactured in our factory, we can supply and deliver spare parts for any model in our range at very short notice.

“I couldn’t get to the factory when my boat was being built but the Grand Banks team kept me up to speed all the time. They sent me progress photos and videos throughout the build. As for their after-sales service, I could never fault it!”

Matt Spencer, EB44 owner