Your first Grand Banks is unlikely to be your last. Most of our owners move on to a second or third model and stay with us for a lifetime of luxury cruising. In their words, here’s why.

“We love our overnight trips. Recently we came down from Yamba to Sydney, about 300 nautical miles and, although we sat on 24 knots the whole way, we were only burning 100 litres (26 gallons) of fuel an hour!!! The EB44 is the best thing we’ve done for the family… we call it the ‘family wagon’”

Matt Spencer, EB44 owner

“I was in Mexico when COVID hit and had to get home. I had an 1,100nm trip, uphill (upwind & up current) and, let me tell you, the boat did better than I did! I had to keep going day and night. Almost no boat of this size can go from Puerto Vallarta to San Diego non-stop. And thanks to the hull shape and lightweight carbon superstructure, it’s amazingly efficient.”

Gary Weisman, GB60 owner

“This is my 4th Grand Banks and I’ve always liked them – they’re sea-kindly, fast and fuel efficient. But the stuff Mark Richards has done has made them even better. He’s raised the game and they’re now next generation in terms of design. My wife and I love cruising on it – each August we live onboard for 30-40 days. She feels very safe as it has a really nice ride. And we love the style and the lines.”

Tom Whidden, GB60 owner and 8 times America’s Cup Pro sailor.

“The range of the boat had huge appeal. Because of the V-Warp hull that slips so easily through the water, the weight reduction of the carbon fibre and the new Volvo engines, we could simply go further with less stops. Of course, it saves money but the real plus is the convenience. At 10 knots I can travel for over 2000 nautical miles without refuelling. As a sailor, I don’t like to stop once I get going!”

John Bacon, GB60 owner