One of the most exciting aspects of commissioning a Grand Banks yacht lies in your involvement in the fine details of the boat’s design. Your input will be welcome at every stage of the build process.


Study the distinctive profile of the early Grand Banks yachts and you’ll see the DNA of the fishing trawlers that served as an inspiration for the design of our luxury coastal cruisers. But while this aesthetic may persist in our genes, Grand Banks yachts are designed to meet a very different set of contemporary needs – speed, efficiency, comfort and safety.

Every one of our models is built to order and so our owners have the opportunity to choose from a broad variety of options to ensure their boat will meet the specific and personal requirements of their onboard lifestyle.

Over the years, our design team and engineers have faced some interesting challenges. We’ve shortened the flybridge overhang to accommodate fishing rods, created storage space for diving tanks and pumps, installed folding navigation masts to reduce air draught, we’ve even put a hot tub on the fly bridge!


As bulkheads and fixed furniture are fused to the hull to enhance rigidity, internal configuration is determined during the earliest stages of the yacht’s design.

All models make provision for an upper or lower galley and allow for variations in size and number of staterooms. Given these options, you can commission a bachelor pad, a family cruiser or a weekend boat for parties.

The only real constraints are dictated by the size of the model you decide to buy.


At our factory, we carry a very wide range of fixtures and fittings for the staterooms, heads, galleys and entertaining areas. Most of our customers find we can supply the style and functionality that they require. And should damage occur, we can quickly replace an item with one that is identical.

However, the option remains for owners to choose and supply fittings that are not in our standard range and which will then be covered by third party warranties. The choice is entirely yours.


The seamstresses in our upholstery department work with a broad palette of colors and an extensive range of fabrics for our staterooms and entertaining areas.

As well as style, we’re mindful of durability. You’ll find that the walls and ceiling liners of our yachts are upholstered in a soft vinyl that is easy to clean and maintain.

Should you choose to appoint your own interior designer, we’ll happily refund the upholstery budget to you so that you can commission materials that are of your exact choosing.

“It was fabulous to work with the design team and decide how we wanted the interior to be laid out and choosing the fabrics and materials. I made a few revisions later and they were fine with this.”

Lyndall Bacon, GB60 owner