Purchase Process

Connect, Customize, Commission

Once you’ve made the decision that you just have to be the proud owner of a Grand Banks yacht, the process of acquiring one is an exciting, easily navigated journey.


Use the international map and contacts list on this site to identify your nearest representative and give them a call or, if you prefer, drop them a line and they’ll call you.


Working with our team and scouring our brochures and website, decide which model will best suit your boating lifestyle. There’s a lot to consider, not least of which is the budget. We can help you make the right decision.


Bring yourself and family for a sea trial. One of our skippers will demonstrate the speed, stability and ’soft ride’ of our unique hull design while you explore all the features and amenities of the model you are considering.

Once back on dry land, you can then review the contract and, satisfied that every detail is correct, agree to a delivery date. After that, all we need is your signature!