Factory Direct

Your adventures with a Grand Banks yacht start the minute you sign a construction contract. You’ll then have between twelve to eighteen months of decisions and approvals to make before that exciting day when you take delivery of a pristine yacht.


It’s a fun and engaging process but one that requires clear and constant communication.

The last thing you need is a middleman who adds time and cost to the proceedings!

So, buying directly from the factory makes eminently good sense. You’ll have immediate access to the personnel who control every stage of the build. You’ll always have the opportunity to give your feedback to the right people at the right time.

This makes it a highly efficient way of working. It’s also highly enjoyable as it allows you to be part of the process and feel a real sense of ownership as the boat takes shape.


Once construction of your yacht is underway, we’ll invite you to come and spend some time with us at our factory in Johor, Malaysia. Fly into either Kuala Lumpur or Singapore and we’ll collect you at the airport and bring you to the Renaissance hotel where you can relax and recover from your flight.

Next day, we’ll take you on the tour. Most of our guests are initially overwhelmed by the scale of the operation! With 650 staff working in 51,000 square meters, the factory is massive. But, as we guide you through the facility, you’ll soon understand how the layout and workflow create real efficiencies in the build and enable us to maintain exceptionally high standards of craftsmanship.

You will, of course, spend time on your own boat at whatever stage of completion it may have reached. And you’ll have the opportunity to meet with the department heads who will ensure the final detailing meets your exact requirements.


Depending on the stage of your build, there may be the opportunity of taking it for a sea trial. If not, we’ll take you out on the water in a similar model.

We’ll have dinner together at the end of your stay and return you to the airport full of excitement and anticipation!!!

“For me, the ownership experience starts at the factory! You have to see it. The craftsmanship is incredible and the timber work is the best in the world. This is my first GB and I won’t buy any other brand again.”

David Berkman, GB60 owner.