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They say it uses the same principle of heat transfer that causes wind chill-but all we know is that it makes for some pretty good muffins. And cakes. And chicken. And pot roast. And, well, just about anything, really.

Today's Grand Banks come equipped with high-quality convection ovens, which cooks food more evenly, at lower temperatures, and often with better and faster result-in other words, great characteristics for galley cooking.

Nonetheless, even experienced chefs are often intrigued or uncertain when it comes to convection ovens. While learning to use one certainly isn't a big deal, the results you get-evenly cooked cookies, crisp pastry, and juicy, well-browned meats-are.

To get comfortable with your on-board convection oven, just start using it: experiment with your favorite recipes by cooking them at a slightly lower temperature and for a slightly shorter time than you normally would. To get you started, here's a recipe that's already been altered and adapted for convection oven cooking-and is a favorite of GB owners Roger and Rhonda Groves, who kindly shared the results with us aboard their beautiful 59RP, Gran Tourismo.


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