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Spray Feature Title If you can't get on board yourself for a sea trial, video provides one of the best ways to view a yacht and get a sense of how it performs on the water. At our new channel on YouTube, you'll find a growing collection of videos for various models in our lineup, as well as submissions from owners and other GB-related videos curated for your enjoyment. Visit our channel to watch these videos - and learn how to submit your own.

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Spray Feature Title With two 5-inch cleats and a laser-engraved GB logo, this beautiful serving board looks right at home in the galley of any Grand Banks. Crafted by Soundview Millworks, it's sturdily constructed out of solid maple and mahogany and measuring 7 3/4 inches by 20 inches-is shaped to optimize serving space when room gets tight.

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Spray Feature Title In spring 2011 we introduced "The Grand Banks" in Spray magazine-not a new model but a spirited signature drink designed for us by the acclaimed bartender/mixologist Chris Bollenbacher (from Seattle's Cicchetti restaurant, among others). Now Yachting, in its September issue (see "It's a Miracle!" on page 16, and online here), sings the praises of this refreshing libation and shares the recipe, too.

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Spray Feature Title We appreciate the support of all the fans, owners and enthusiasts who lave "liked" us since Grand Banks Yachts launched its page on Facebook last year. We will continue to do more through Facebook: more new photos and video, more sneak-peak announcements, more fun stories and shared discussions with the Facebook community. Thank you for participating, and if you want to join in

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Spray Feature Title Earlier this summer the new 76 Aleutian RP, latest flagship of the Grand Banks fleet, arrived in Italy for delivery to her new owner. The 76RP shares the same Fexas hull design and exterior styling of other Aleutian models; inside this yacht, however, you'll find a contemporary new interior design that is more European in flavor than any of her predecessors. Plus new formal dining area and other updated layout options.

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Spray Feature Title They say it uses the same principle of heat transfer that causes wind chill-but all we know is that it makes for some pretty good muffins. And cakes. And chicken. And pot roast. And, well, just about anything, really.

Today's Grand Banks come equipped with high-quality convection ovens, which cooks food more evenly, at lower temperatures, and often with better and faster result-in other words, great characteristics for galley cooking.

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